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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Indian Dating Network

Cases of bygone days, giving old glubokoy.Ritm modern life is such that people no time to get acquainted. Young single men and women sit at work for days, but in the short breaks they can only dream about warm, cozy family life with your lover. But where can I get it? Where do you wander, my second half?

Some, of course, luck. They find their destiny in their own work. But what about the girl, for example, when the team of the company, in which it operates - a grandmother, pensioner and one drunken plumber fifty years? For whom is married to exit? A man, all the colleagues whose only tie to what to do? Unfortunately, this is pretty often. People have nowhere and no time to meet. They are so exhausting at work that go somewhere fun and then just do not have the strength. In a club or a disco is unlikely to find their destiny.

However, those who deal with computer and use the Internet, have long found a way out of this situation. They are introduced in the network. Such communication and lift the mood at work and at home in the evening solitude brighten.

International survey GMI Poll showed that the search for friends on the Internet in Russia is becoming increasingly popular. People are looking not only to the second half, but, for example, a merry company, to spend a weekend together. The poll found that 16% of Russians, who appointed a meeting over the Internet, looking for a partner for marriage. Almost a third of visitors Dating Sites hope for long-term relationship. These data are significantly higher than average. For example, only 4% of French people want the Internet to find a partner for marriage. The difference is four times, probably says a lot. Perhaps the Russians are more trusting and more open. What are their causes?

Find the second half of the web is really not so simple. There are a number of issues about which the user initially has no idea. Many people are just playing on the Internet. Some do it consciously, but some do not even understand that he is a virtual and it is real - it is two different people. When people meet outside the network, then understand that communicating is not really with each other, but with someone invented. Naturally, this is not happy, and very frustrating. How to live on? This question is asked a lot.

True, some can not build happiness. Most are lucky, or those couples who met as early as possible in the real world, or those who have not played with each other, did not pretend not to create an image that does not exist. Struck up people tend to suffer more later. They are harder to get out of this web, as well as over time they cease to understand who are in reality. It's a shame that this situation they have created. But how to get out of it, nobody knows.

So, online dating services are not always productive. But sometimes people do find each other. However, most often they are found not on dating sites, and on the thematic areas, in which some book clubs, for example. Communicating with peers in chat rooms, gradually acquiring new friends, those with whom they are most interesting and emotionally communicate. Gradually, people already can not live a day in order not to talk with your virtual friends. Sometimes among them is that unique or the only one. Gradually loving couple decides to commit a very serious act - to meet in real. This is a crucial moment. After his relationship or ceases altogether, or develop with incredible speed. A month later, young people can get married.

For example, one very close to me a few years, people talked with the girl on the Internet. They were so comfortable with each other, so nice ... Another world for them simply did not exist. Finally, they decided to meet. Six months later was appointed wedding day. Now their daughter for five years. Is not it a miracle? After all, the Internet has helped these people to meet and start a family, giving the world a new life. But such cases are very rare.

Often web trying to get acquainted with foreigners. Young women in search of happiness are often willing to change the culture and traditions. Some, of course, luck. But the bulk of waiting disappointed. My girlfriend, for example, has twice tried to start a family way. Not with the Greeks, nor with an American she was not lucky. They came with gifts, from wedding rings. But something at once went wrong. Different mentality, the language barrier prevented build normal human relationships. "The web - she admits - all much easier." But, if married, you do not feel that will happen? How to raise a family when there is no true love? Marriage of convenience - that pleasure is not all right ...

If you have despaired, and the other half still do not try, of course, meet the web. However, we must be careful and attentive. Not to throw into the maelstrom with his head!

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