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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Indian family

Indian families are numerous. They often consist of parents, their married sons with their wives and their children, unmarried sons and unmarried daughters. Sometimes the result is that the house was home to around sixty people. After the wedding, the daughter goes into full power-law, and if a girl marries a young son in the family, it is subject to government and senior wives.
Sons give to their parents all their earnings, and the woman disposes of what and how to spend money. If the mother in law is not too pampered daughter new clothes and gifts, then the latter must be content with what had brought from home or received as a wedding gift. Sometimes it may be that the mother in law does not consider it necessary to bring a daughter to talk discuss the family budget, as well as to the issues of upbringing and education of children or other problems. In this case, the daughter can live in the house as a free servant: wiping, washing dishes, and be completely deprived of the right to vote.

But such heavy family relations exception to the rule. Patient, gentle, hardworking daughter, very quickly fit into the family circle, especially those who managed to give birth to a son. Below are those who give birth to girls. But since the Indian family decided to have many children, over the years come and boys, and then the woman-mother takes in her husband's family rather strong position.

Children in families grow in a friendly atmosphere. The first words that they hear children are words that teach them kindness towards all living beings. "Do not hit the dog, goat, do not crush an ant, do not hurt the lizard. "Over time, these words take a different form:" Respect your elders, do not hurt the younger and weaker, do not lift indiscreet glance at her, be kind to children. "

For the Indian family is naturally - there are never seen in the family's defiance, coquetry. She is very firmly closes the circle of his inner world about her husband that she cease to exist all the other men.

Tourists who are not too deeply know India and its traditions, wonder why the women here, of influence. But Indian women love to dress beautifully, but only for my husband. Monitor themselves, wear jewelry, but only for my husband. They sing and dance, but only for my husband. And if their husband is alive and well, if a man devoted to family and children, and this is the rule rather than the exception - if a woman is happy and wants nothing more

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