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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What kind of girls should we dating?

There are many kind of girls which we can dating. But I think there are only a few tips of girls whom we can dating.
All girls are different and trying to draw attention to themselves, to draw on his side ... One cunning, tempted by another, a third genuinely helps. And the hero will have to figure out where the truth and falsehood. Well, who is more like it. Each girl chooses two distinct colors Lymph, two more colors for it are dangerous. Maybe the girl will have to choose depending on what colors fortunate to collect, but I'm in such a case would be trumped ... Bury, when you're not in control of circumstances, and they on you.
Total Female eleven. For example, Jani is very similar to the little girl on the ball. When Ilya Makarov did for her animation, then took a sample of the dance "The Dying Swan performed by Pavlova (we dug newsreels somewhere on YouTube).
Most of all I like the girl Echo. Although it is not in the Japanese style, but dancing in her cothurnus in the style of kabuki theater. It unfolds with a fan, kneels and makes other similar actions. We were inspired by the records of the performance "White Heron" (Sagi Musume) by Tanasaburo.
Yuen, as if to say ... fanatical girl. She and the animation is sharp, and the nature of the sharp. Burning a heretic. Nobody likes, but it really is very interesting character.

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