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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Technique of dating

The main thing in dating technique - if possible avoid templates! Unfortunately, the vast majority of men (90%) are introduced to impropriety primitive, like this: "What is the weather, give your phone, eh?"

Women appreciate a man above all, the mind and banal beginning of "Girl, what's your name?" driving it in the corner of his straightforwardness and squalor a little ingenuity - and you are interested in vending you lady.

It is noticed that a good impression on a woman produces, when a man gives her his own, a business card. This element of business ethics, brought to the household ground meets a woman's curiosity and acts better than words.

7 styles of courtship

1. "Pigeon". We must deliberately take care of a woman in front of everybody, not paying attention to others, how to care for the dove dove. This behavior underscores the value of women and at the same time stresses your serious intentions.

2. "Short-term escape (5-7 days). After a long, active courting her stop to visit her and call her. Accustomed to a man's attention, a woman can not do without it, she will miss you, and it would reproach himself for coolness to you. Yes, and how to respond to questions venomous girlfriends about your absence? "Threw"-a shame, "chased away"-prematurely, and suddenly come back? Typically, after the return to her woman becomes much more merciful.

3. "The Friend". If it is not too much to you is, then, starting an active courtship of her girlfriend, you can dramatically change its attitude towards you. Then all her entourage talking about you and it certainly will bolster her self-esteem. She wants to show her friends that she was not worse than them, and when it is desired, you will not care for someone, but for her. Besides, she thinks: "If everyone is talking about it, then perhaps there is something there.

4. Even better, if you are able to draw her best friend, who prozhuzhzhit her about you all ears. Emotional outpourings girlfriend inflame her imagination. You will be very even indifferent to it. Realizing that goal is reached, speaking with her.

5. "Sufferer". Permanent express their suffering to people around her sympathy for their cause, reproaches against her and cause her to question her attitude to you. Rarely some tenderhearted Slavic soul will not condemn a woman for her inaccessibility. Especially this method is good when we must win the consent of the woman in marriage.

6. "Feeding". At each meeting, bring a woman flowers, or a pleasant trifle, or something delicious that she loved (sweets, cakes, etc.). Then she elaborated a conditioned reflex - a positive attitude to your presence and his expectation.

7. "Incomparable." Its essence is the same as that of the previous use, but instead of the tangible things you are giving it to their attention (her admiration, compliments, manners). Very often, it works much better subject of gifts, especially where there is material wealth, but lack of attention to the woman.

Several varieties of dating depending on the situation

Option 1

Choose a time when a woman is not very busy, and the place where you could enter into contact with it. Women are not very daring, so have her to talk with you. Check with her eye contact and give her time to bring in order of their appearance and mental attitude to your courtship. Some question, meaningless phrase and unleash it, let get used to your voice and communicate with you. Then Start a conversation about anything. Topic of conversation may be the most banal, you only need to at least say something and not to destroy the weak contact, painful silence. Speak in the manner that you can most easily (playful, rustic, tragic, meaningful ...). Complimented her appearance, and if she engaged in a conversation, and her erudition. How would the way tell her a little about yourself and discreetly let her feel your dignity. In order to awaken her maternal instinct, you cried a little - you can visit on their own difficulties. Introduce yourself, tell them your name and profession. Invite her to the theater, a concert, for a walk. In case of refusal to ask her: "And maybe see you tomorrow (in the afternoon ...)? When?" Ask her to leave you my phone number or address where you can find. When the temptation to use the categorical refusal to time - offer your ( "Well, then take me, I beg you !.."). to accompany her to the place to which it is directed. Trains come into contact as often as possible. The only way to get ease and acquaintances. Suppose that even without further acquaintance, but for the sake of training. Including people of your sex: training singles - "on a complicated program, because men are in contact much harder than women. The reward, except for training, will be and the possible introduction, and even friendships with interesting people.

Option 2

Bear with a flower. Give him one, which would like to meet. Unsubscribe from the colors a woman can not. But taking a flower, she is obliged to you for this generous and beautiful gesture. Also irresistible, this option is good in that only one of 500 men to begin acquaintance in this way. Avoid mistakes, you will appear in a favorable light. By the way, according to Freud, flowers - a symbol of the union of male and female elements. Maybe that's why women love flowers, especially if they are donated to a man?

Option 3 (acquaintance on the phone)

If you are not ready for personal acquaintance, that option - the best. After all day on the street, a woman, perhaps, will not listen to reason, a large employment, but at home, in a calm atmosphere, it will not refuse to listen, even boredom. The phone gives an excellent opportunity to overcome the psychological barrier between you. Especially if you are afraid of displeasing appearance. At the beginning of the conversation should introduce themselves and tell a little about yourself. Be sure to praise her voice "pleasant", "melodic", "like a bell", "exciting". Say that admire it from a distance, but are afraid to come, the beauty of her movements, gestures, etc. Call preferably in the evening, at the same time, when it is free. Instilling in her a conditioned reflex to your call, that it was essential to her before bedtime, like a good fairy tale children. If you can draw her a sense that you feel to it (the feeling carries any woman), then it will be very difficult to deny you a personal acquaintance, even of compassion.

Option 4 ( "Secretary")

Help women - bring to things, to repair something, etc. provides a rare opportunity to get acquainted with her. This option is almost a win. First, because they want to help someone so small that they may in the future will mummify and display in museums. She will be greatly surprised and delighted that she has got such a rare specimen. Secondly, it would be flattered that you have helped it to her. It may also happen is that you did not like her at first, but its practicality, the ability to exploit you make her suffer your presence. Your task - do not miss a moment and try to win. . If she says that it needs no help, then tell us surprise and indignation of her attitude to her precious body ( "I do not mind if you're so fragile ... and do not have to carry heavy bags ... you probably husband cares! "At the same time find out if he had it.) For women, even very strong, love to be fragile. "You can be angry with me, but I'll still help you!" Deny it to you or not - is not so important, the main thing - you join her in contact, and can only sustain a conversation.

Option 5 ( "helper")

Established that if a person is a man made a good B, then A to B begins to better treat. The psychological basis for this is: every time he saw B, A remembers the good things that he did, and aware of itself a good, kind man. This raises his self-esteem, and therefore the mood. Thus, B becomes a source of positive emotions. This phenomenon can be used for dating, organizing help themselves by an attractive man. "Girl, please do not fail, urgently need to call, and phone card is over" (or "tokens no" - in different cities in different ways). And, after talking briefly: "The tremendous thank you. Now I'm your debtor. Allow me to return to duty: when and where can I find you?" And you want in a movie or a bar that you interesting? .. Or the theater? " Even if it is not enthusiastic about such dating, do you cruelly to her conscience would not allow, because it is obliged to you. Then, already on the Rights of an old friend you can feel free to ask her to re-interview

Option 6 (public transport)

You can often hear the assertion that the psychological atmosphere of public transport does not have to acquaintance. On the contrary, it is there to do it the easiest. Subway, bus, boat ... - Places where you can easily get acquainted with the woman. Do not be afraid that your conversation someone eavesdrops on the woman that he does not become less enjoyable. If you do not dare to meet her in the transport, then go out with her at the bus stop and apply something from that, what we have already said.

Option 7 (cultural events)

Begin looking for a woman better before the event. At the counter or at the entrance to try to get in touch with the one you liked, and then act on any of the options or environment-related event. Show your generosity, try to buy souvenirs, refreshments, program, flowers - from the fact that as possible. After the presentation helped women to get dressed and accompany her to the house, exchanged phone numbers.

Option 8 (a plyazhe)

Do not be afraid to approach (sit) and speak with a woman, even if it makes an indifferent expression on his face. A lone woman on the beach is always happy to male attention, because of its isolation does not speak in its favor. Views of others should not be given importance. Other men might not mind doing the same thing, but you beat them, and women may simply jealous rival. The beach is particularly appropriate to speak about women's charms (the beauty of figure, an amazing tan, soft skin, etc.).

Warning Beach - a parade of the physical beauty of the body, both female and male. All the advantages and disadvantages of body and not hidden clothes - there. So if you have a good (and even more excellent) figure - God himself commands familiar on the beach. They help to become acquainted interesting article, which you propose to read, and exchanged views on it. Invaluable assistance can have a crossword puzzle, in fact almost all women love to solve. Women appreciate intelligence - ability to show it! Card games, ice cream treats or soft drinks. On the sand easy to play "tic-tac-toe." Any game - is a convenient way to explore. The game reveals a person as a person.

Option 9 (restaurant, cafe, anniversary ...)

Given the state of light intoxication among the visitors to such places and events, is not recommended for long ignore you like a woman. Otherwise, take her to remain without fear cavalier and excitement, involving women in such cases, another man can steal it from you from under his nose. "Brute" - the best way to heart of women in such places! Do not give her time to recover, invite to dance and express my admiration for her appearance, movements, etc. After the dance she did not offer to sit down and dance once again, stand with her in front of everybody with a satisfied air. This immediately demoralize your opponents. Be demonstrative gallantry. Flowery speech acts on its relaxed alcohol awareness of the strongest manner. Invite her (with a girlfriend) at her desk, order her champagne. Very well, if you potantsuete with her girlfriend, who can tell you about it a lot of interesting, and about myself too. With less profitable one, it is always profitable to tell the other. If at least one of her friends got carried away by you or your friend, then the evening would have been continued.

Option 10

This is when a woman just bought for money. This option is for us the most uninteresting, so will confine ourselves to the next story.

Morning. A man comes to the mirror. Views: mug blue, his hair on end, prune belly, ears, burdock, one leg shorter than the other. Looks - behind his back in bed asleep leggy beauty. The man said reflectively:

- It's necessary because the money to love ...

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