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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dating Indiaan girls technics

Before you start to get acquainted with the girls, the first requirement - to find a decent site for dating, it has its own type. As a rule, disregard this argument at times of tragedy. On one occasion, when a young man 28 years in a state of intoxication tossed on the street behind two skirts, resulting in death under the wheels of truck. Or villager B. shithead P. John who liked the lame dyed blonde with symmetrical warts on the ears. However, never met this kind of girls not in V. bitch, nor in H. shit, he made friends with a blacksmith from the village of S. bitch, and lived with him for 34 years. All this, as well as many others, suggests that the choice should be treated thoughtfully and carefully.
The second term is a successful dating service - this place. Discovering the girls have proven in the field. With great caution should apply to statements such as "Yesterday, I met a girl in the women's restroom city crematorium number 2" or "girl of his dreams, I zapikapil in jail, when I was sitting there on a trifling matter."
Finally, the third - this is what you will attract the attention of girls, when you get acquainted. From books and movies you know such methods as cutting themselves (not to be confused with the circumcision) of various parts of the body (little finger, ears) and offering them as gifts. This, of course, is suitable as an option, but I do not recommend this method, because the fingers are not for all girls.
In an ideal - to start with a bright and memorable phrases. So get acquainted with the girls very easily. However, it is also necessary to choose wisely. Do not immediately offer the girl a cigarette. For the second case, and you can bind heavy blunt object (such as "Siberian boots") in the head (of the heart, testicles), and the first version of your question can generally go unchallenged, as an honest girl, unknown men would not take, and unsportsmanlike (if you feel an urge) itself will take.
So, approach the girl on the street to get acquainted, and, clearly turning in the hands of a banana, saying: "Girl!" You have such a small, wonderful mouth! "How do you think it will fit my banana?" Stretch banana, runs off the corner and watch her reaction. Yes:
- Yes, it will fit!
- And two?
Negative answer:
- No, not fit, you pervert!
- And you choose one that will fit!
Similarly, you can do with ice cream (the text is changed to "lick my ice cream and a chocolate"). You stand on the street, holding a bowl and whisk, and say: "Girl, give it back, please!" Yes:
- Let us, and where the soap?
- Maybe first coat off?
Negative answer:
- Idiot!
- Yes, you idiot! So?
Thus, the above phrases well suited to forced acquaintance. That is, when you and your partner on pickup know what they want. But one should remember that not everyone can adequately respond to such a fast start. Therefore, to get acquainted not always easy. A case where a young man 19 years old, came over for "Grandma, you do not know there sex-shop nearby to be", was severely beaten and retired GM 1906 Birth improvised means.
For those who very much wants to get acquainted with the girls, but a number of reasons (stuttering, nearsightedness, farsightedness, mental retardation) cannot just talk (or subtly hint at least) about sex as a means of communication, we can offer the methodology described below. Before that wants to tell the reader about a VA, born in 1975, who walked the streets and when approaching a girl took out a poster with the text "I want you!" Ask me how! ". Alas, he passed a short time, for being able to easily influence of alcohol, a little mistake and brought a poster alongside the police, taking them for a sophomore medical school number 5. Police patrol it did not specifically ask, but the poster selected and nastuchat rubber cudgel on the head. Serves him right, rightly so.
For those who want to, but not much can be said about it directly, rather innocuous (at first glance) method should recognize the conversation on the topic "Defecation and deflowering. Take a step." In this case, you can show off his erudition and smoothly, from the very trivial process of defecation approach to the process of defloration - the holiday for each normal girl. The danger here is only one - that if someone until you have talked about this girl. But even by personal example? Then get acquainted with her would not be so easy. Be careful. "Girl!" I have birthday today! "Give me his charming smile." The idea is to get behind a smile as a gift and the rest of the body. Yes:
- Hold!
- A kiss?
Negative answer:
- Will I here all kinds of goats on the street smile!
- Thank you, thank you! I was in a zoo monkey was smiling!
[How should we learn? On practical pickup - Dating Academy trainings you will learn to get to know where you want, with those with whom you want and the way you want. Under the supervision of instructors who will correct you from beginning to end, you will learn not only the seduction and success in personal life, but success in all those cases where you want to communicate, that is, in all spheres of life.]
In conclusion, the author wants to share a quote from his autobiography: "... August 16 ... 199 years, we as usual on Fridays (or Saturdays?) Went to see the glory for the bus, and Sam to trolley. A David and Sam I put on a bus and went further. On the road I met my acquaintance with her minor L. brother on a bicycle. having obtained a bicycle from a minor brother of my friend L., I went for the bus, which seemed to me, went Glory. After a while I lost my bus and equilibrium from which, and fell. I fell very sick and so long to get up, but when I got up, then went home. On the way I was brought down from the bike brand dog "spaniel", suddenly bursting out of the entrance. I fell again, with the same the person that first time. spaniel mistress, dear lady, Moscow, did me the first aid to her house, and we lived happily with her in the same two days, and then came to her parents. Then I went on the same bike home where going to get another two days ago .

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