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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ways for improve the quality of communication

Ways for improve the quality of communicationIn life there are often situations where you have to communicate with people that you are not interested, or even worse - annoying you. This may be the chief at work, or the dean of the institute, an ensign in the army or just a neighbor with a trash can.

Surely you were cases when you are familiar with the man and burn a couple of phrases such as "Hello. - Hello. - Classroom weather. - Yeah, and go further, not knowing what else, besides the weather, talk to the remaining seven bus stops. In order not to lose the remaining time wasted, pointless looking out the window, try to develop your communication skills. Practice.
Experienced psychologists have developed several techniques that will help you develop the habit of communicating with people, regardless of who they are. Follow the techniques below, you are easily able to win the interlocutor and keep the conversation on any subject, whether breeding rabbits or engineering problem in third world countries.
And if I know nothing about rabbits? - You will ask. No problem. The fact that out of all that they talk to, we hear only about twenty percent, and remember even less - only seven per cent. The remaining information about the interlocutor - a tone of voice, emotion, posture, pace of conversation and similar non-verbal factors. It is on them and be guided in the conversation. Let's get started:
1. Podstroysya a pose.
Adjustment under the posture allows the show to the other party that you have with him is something in common, so it will be comfortable with you and the conversation goes easier. By the way, notice that when communicating with friends and relatives just your posture and general gestures often coincide. This happens unconsciously, simply because you are interested in each other. The same interest can be achieved and intentional mirroring poses interlocutor.
2. Verbal or verbal adjustment.
In the adjustment of this type, there are several pravil.Vo First, do not argue over trifles, try to avoid in the conversation the words "no," but "," disagree "," you're wrong ", etc. Learn to accept and respect the views sobesednika.Vo Second, use words-parasites interlocutor. For example, if a person instead of the word "money" says "loot" - use the same word. This again will create the necessary level of confidence in you.
3. Mikropodstroyki.
Learn to pick up the tiniest gestures rights, such as blinking, the movement of pupils, the characteristics of voice and try to copy them. Note that although the catch and repeat micromotions another person is difficult enough, the success copying gives a stunning effect. The fact is that in most cases we do not control yourself (I think, you are unlikely to ponder over when you blink =)), and acting unconsciously. Repetition of such micromotions not noticeable brain, but captured the subconscious of another person and creates the necessary level of comfort to us.
4. Adjustment under his breath.
This adjustment - a kind mikropodstroek, and limited to what you need to breathe at the same rate, in which breathing is your companion. Breathing is difficult to grasp, so remember - a man says you exhale, seize this moment and breathe with him.
General comments on the adjustment.
For beginners adjustment is given is difficult because of some peculiarities. Remember, you must adapt, rather than mimic, to create a comfortable environment, but not stupid to copy all the motions. It is not necessary to repeat every detail, capture the main thing. At first it is rather difficult, but with practice you get the hang of finding a common language with absolutely anyone.
5. Be honest with a man.
Falsity felt people (especially girls) are very good. Remember how you congratulated the teacher on the first сентября flowers that you lectured the parents "because we need!". Not pleasant to you or her. Learn sincerely interested in the man. How? In absolutely every person can find something enjoyable or, at least, interesting. Whether it's breast size or the ability to make origami cranes. Now mind extend to the whole man, it is perhaps the only positive quality, smile and say something good. Sincerely interested in the problem of people who sincerely try to help, and you will have another loyal friend.
6. Bring to automaticity.
Work on yourself, train communication with people, bringing this skill to automatic - and you will be welcome at any party. At first, it is difficult, so do not parsya, if something does not work. Test-and, eventually, you will communicate with the person, not even thinking about what you're doing, how and why. All will be obtained by itself.
The above list - an incomplete list of tools that will help you build effective communication with man. Remember that the ability to properly build communication - one of the most important skills a seducer of women. Having learned to have a companion, you will be much easier to drag a woman into bed and, if necessary - to avoid squabbles with her husband, =), so use the above techniques, practice. When dealing with people, you surely will find some new ways that will be useful in the future. Do not be afraid to practice and try, before you expect to see dramatic result

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