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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Indian Wedding

Wedding ceremonies in India are the same as a thousand years ago. In India, marriage is totally dependent on what the solutions adopted parents of the groom. They are seeking a suitable bride for his son and then come to the talks on the future of marriage with her parents. In this situation, little depends on the girl: her parents can simply order to marry, even for a man whom she hardly knows. And she must obey.
In West Bengal, after preliminary talks, organized two meetings of the young. The first meeting takes place in the bride's home, the second place in the groom's house. Young people at these meetings, receive gifts from parents and relatives, and give gifts to each other.

On the wedding day the young can not eat anything before the wedding ceremony itself. In the house of the groom before the ceremony the girls from the number of female relatives sing songs and dance. After this occurs a small but important ritual called "holud Gaye" - praising the yellow color because this color is associated with the Indians with the color of the sun and a symbol of fidelity.

At the wedding usually gather to eight guests. Parents of the bride must ensure that all guests refreshments and shelter. Samu bride dressed in a bright red sari, hands wear bright red bracelets, which symbolize that the girl is getting married. She will wear them somewhere else a month after the wedding.

Samu weddings usually play at night in the bride's home, where the appointed time arrives the groom, accompanied by relatives and friends.

In wealthy families, Indian weddings are very expensive.

At night the young man put to bed in a separate room, while his wife is sleeping in her girlish bedroom. In the morning the young wife is taken into the house of her husband. Now it will cause the first visit to her parents' home just a month later.
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