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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Indian woman tips that men like

According to surveys, over 70% of men say that they could fall in love with Hollywood stars. It is fair to say that we like Brad Pitt and George Clooney, but we live with the most common and, incidentally, very even beloved husbands. However, as the saying goes, knowledge - force, and instead of being jealous of his righteous to film star, it is better to use this information to their own benefit.

In fact, most men do not attract external data, and psychological characteristics of certain facial features.

Appearance 1 - Blonde in chocolate. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! Is a fact. And a blonde - it's not hair color and even a diagnosis (according to statistics, women with blond hair often succeeding in their careers, than a brunette). Blonde - a way of relating to life. If your husband is crazy about Marilyn Monroe, so it attracts the immediacy, multiplied by the coquetry. What? It's easier to relate to life and, strangely enough, allow ourselves to be capricious. Remember: when the last time he led you to a cafe without any reason, to feed the cake? When he bought you a new dress? And you, among others, deserve it! Hint at this, not only through loud hysterics, and insinuating voice. If you break plumbers do not be sufficient once for wrench - make a helpless expression on his face and pat lashes! Remember the already somewhat forgotten technique recklessly flirt and flirt with your own husband - he will appreciate it.

Appearance 2 - a teenage girl. This Position typically involves not too self-confident men. In ordinary life, they are likely to occupy a passive position and often henpecked. Perhaps they are even convenient to this state of things, though I sometimes want to feel as an active partner, the care of his carefree young girl. What? Let him take the initiative. Change the script will breath of fresh air in your relationship. Stop herself to plan the weekend and put her husband before the fact: "We need to buy wallpaper, go to the market and get out." Ask him: "What will we do on Sunday?". Imagine that you are once again carefree little girl. You'll be surprised how quickly your spouse join in this game and will finally make their own decisions, because he so wants to be head of the family!

Appearance 3 - Luxury woman. Men like beautiful royal ladies. And it is absolutely normal. Sophia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor is the embodiment of femininity. It attracts men. The fashion for unisex comes and goes, and femininity has been and will be popular at all times. What? Learn to listen to yourself. We are so accustomed to live in a world where the rights of the sexes are equal, that seems to have forgotten: our main purpose - to be loved and cherished woman, not a strict boss or colleagues. Remember that you are actually soft and gentle, mysterious and compelling. Find time for yourself: sign up to the cabin, change the hair, buy a new dress. Learn to accept compliments for granted, to develop in a royal posture. Hint that expect an invitation to a restaurant or an opera.

Appearance 4 - The charming simpleton. This often attracts like. If your husband is crazy about active, laughing girls, who may be at the meeting of shareholders, and in the bar, and in exploration - most likely, he himself was a fairly simple and open person. Perhaps he lacks the sincere conversations. Or maybe you do not always understand his humor? Either way, you should slightly change. What? Keep it simple. Even if a child, while your future husband was playing in the yard, you taught English and repeated the gamut - that is no reason to play "princess and the swineherd." Go down from the heavens and the earth share the joy with her husband. Instead of once again lead him to the theater, prepare dinner and watch a comedy together. Invite him to a bar on the nuts and beer. In the end, to go fishing! You'll see - you will like it too.

Appearance 5 - My second mum. Powerful and bright like the older women are either too active at work for men (at least at home they need to delegate authority), or infantile "mama's little boy." Such men see the wife homemakers. Ideally, it should solve all the problems yourself and do not "load" their husbands. What? Do not accept the role of "second mother" literally. No need to take on his frail shoulders absolutely care of the house. Your task - to show the wife that you are partners, which means he can always count on you. Sometimes it is useful to bring the situation under control and make life easier for myself and him.These pics are taken From is not responsible any incoviences. contact me for more details reena.reena19 skype)

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